Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Back from our Mini-Vacay

We had a great time on our little mini-vacation. It was nice to get away for a couple of nights and just to do something different for a change. Of course Grace has fun anytime water is involved! We got to Okuma on Sunday afternoon and almost as soon as we were checked in Grace was in the ocean.

On Monday morning Grace got to play on the big playground after breakfast. Then it was time for the main reason we went to Okuma - the Snorkel trip! We boarded the boat (which Grace LOVED!!) and then once we got out to the outer reef we were able to snorkel. My Mom will be posting some pictures from her underwater camera sometime soon on her blog. She already posted a few pictures of Grace so be sure to go check them out too!

We spent Monday afternoon relaxing. Grace was pretty worn out from all of the sun and water. Grace had just got up from her nap and needed some lunch so we watched Dora and ate lunch in our room while Dustin played some golf and my Mom went on a nature trail to take some pictures that afternoon. Since the course is never busy there he was able to take a break half way through and then finished the last 9 holes right before dinner. Before Dustin headed back out to finish his game of golf we went to check out the go karts. Grace got to ride on a go kart!! After dinner that night we made some s'mores!! It was a really fun day for everyone.

We headed back on Tuesday morning and made a few stops on our way back. We drove to 3 islands we had never been to before. Each had some gorgeous views! We also stopped at the Butterfly Garden because my Mom wanted to see the butterflies here. She has a butterfly garden of her own in her backyard. We had seen pictures from several people who had been before and knew that the butterflies like the color red. I purposely made sure I did not wear anything CLOSE to the shade of red. Dustin and Mom on the other hand didn't even think about it. But before we got into the butterfly house I realized I was pushing a RED stroller. I think some of the butterflies wanted to come home with us :-)

These pictures are from our snorkel trip. Grace loves to swim in the middle of the ocean!!

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