Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Busy Days

We have had such a busy week! I just transferred all of our pictures from the camera to the computer. So this first one is from last week but I thought I would share it anyways.

Last Monday Grace had to say goodbye to our mama-sans.
I don't quite think she understood that we wouldn't be picking them up this week like we have been doing every Monday for quite a while. They have been coming since Grace was just 5 weeks old so they have become her friends. Every week she would run to the door as soon as she was dressed so she could go pick up her friends. And lately she was so excited about coming home to play with her friends that she couldn't nap! Of course we enjoyed having a clean house. And they sure did a great job and cleaned things that I would never think to clean (who cleans the light fixtures EVERY WEEK?) We are really going to miss them!!

{Kuniko-san, Grace, and Jinko}

This last weekend was a 4-day, which when you are moving and trying to out-process it just means less time to get things done and more time in lodging. We had the final inspection at our house that morning. It was supposed to be earlier but our housing agency wanted to move it to Friday. That afternoon we transferred my van over and now we are down to 1 car. Dustin's car is sold and transferred but the guy who bought it is letting us drive it until we leave!

Saturday morning I went to breakfast with a friend and then to the second hand kimono sale that was going on. Dustin took Grace to get a few things done that morning and then they went to the sea wall and watched the waves in the ocean. After that they went to a park where Grace ended up splashing in the puddles! That evening we went to a friends house for dinner and games.

Sunday morning we decided to take a walk to the BX since it is practically just across the street. We started looking in the little souvenir shops and then ended up almost finishing up our Christmas shopping! That evening we had church and afterward we headed to American Village to ride the ferris wheel! The tug-of-war contest was going on that day down in Naha and we had thought about going but after a tough week with very little sleep for Grace last week we decided to stay in the hotel and rest Friday night instead of going to church then and skipping the tug-of-war. We had heard there would be fireworks to close off the festivities so we wanted to try and see them from the ferris wheel. We timed it just right and did 2 rides on the ferris wheel (almost 30 min!) but never saw any fireworks. But that is OK because the pretty lights on the ferris wheel are just as good as fireworks to Grace!

{We got a free "mini can" for doing 2 rides. Grace liked the grape Fanta}

{Glow sticks we got as prizes in our kids meal at Antony's Pizza - we got 3 slices of pizza and 3 drinks for $3.79 with our buy one combo meal get two kids meals free coupon}

{The Ferris Wheel all lit up like fireworks}

On Monday morning we headed to Torii beach to collect a little more sea glass (boy are we going to have some boxes to mail back!!). I want to get 2 clear vases (a small one that will fit inside the big one) and fill the space between them with sea glass. I think I will try to find some silk hibiscus or cherry blossom flowers to fill the vase and put it in our entry way. I have not been happy with the amount of blue, turquoise, and green sea glass I have so I had to go back. If we end up back at the beach I am sure I will try to find more :-)

{Tired of picking up sea glass and ready for a snack}

Yesterday evening we bought Grace an inflatable Pooh kite. She got to choose between Mickey, Pooh, and Elmo. She didn't like it when Dustin had the string and the kite went into the air. I think she thought the kite was being taken away from her. But she did enjoy holding on to the string!

Today was our last day at Bible study which was a bit sad. Some of the ladies I have known the entire time we have been here. We have some more errands to run this afternoon after Grace wakes up. And tonight we are going to Kiddie Disco at the O'Club. I heard they may even have a clown there!!! And tomorrow is going to be another busy day. I have my last doctor appointment here and we get our deposit back from housing. I am sure there are some other things Dustin will need to do. Friday is his final out for all of his military stuff here.
We are getting so close to Tokyo and Disney!!!

And my van will be waiting in my garage when we get home. My parents are picking it up this Friday!! So all the busy days equal exciting days as well!

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Patty Patterson said...

Grace's hair looks like it has grown since I left. And, I'm sure Kiniko-san and Jinko will miss you. Grace is just too sweet not to get attatched to, so I'm sure they'll find it sad to see you leave. But, I am glad to hear that they found a new house to clean on Monday's.


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