Thursday, October 7, 2010


We have been in lodging for 3 nights now. Today we turned in the keys to our house. This afternoon we are transferring our van to a new family on island. We have got a lot of boxes checked off! We have already transferred Dustin's car but we are still able to drive it. We will actually hand over the keys the day before we fly!

Grace seems to like lodging OK. She has been sleeping really good at night! And there is a playroom on the first floor that she loves. This morning she got to play down there with Maggie since they stopped by to pick up some stuff. We are a very short walk from the BX and commissary - just a little farther than we park when we go on payday weekend :-) Yesterday, after we had pretty much settled in, we changed rooms. The room we were in had a broken phone, broken internet, a broken exhaust fan above the stove which was stuck on, and basically no place for Grace to sleep. She is at an age where she is too big for the pack-n-play but not quite big enough to actually stay in bed without rails. The floor was nasty so I wouldn't even consider putting her there. The pull-out sofa seemed a bit dangerous since if she were to roll off she would most likely hit a large piece of furniture or the metal frame of the bed. So we stuck her in the full size bed, which was pushed up against the wall with the comforter of the bed folded to keep her out of the small crack. The bed is way too small for the 3 of us and the sofa bed was covered in mold so Dustin ended up trying to sleep there so I could at least have a little more comfortable bed. After 2 nights of that and then finding out the internet and phone were broke Dustin called and asked if we could move to another room. We were moved up to the third floor (and no elevator!) but we have a double room. It is MUCH nicer! And we have working internet, no loud exhaust fan, and 2 beds! If they could have fixed the internet and provided a bed for Grace we would have been happy. Why do hotels not have small beds for toddlers??


Patty Patterson said...

I don't know, but we don't have a toddler bed, either. I'll get the bed in the guest room pushed up against the wall, though. And - we'll have the inflatable ready! And more importantly - we'll have toys to play with and a new Dora DVD! And - since Grace knows her letters and letter sounds, she probably needs to start putting them together. She'll need to be able to read "PRIZE BOX" when she comes to Grandma's. (or if not, she will most likely learn)

Kara said...

I'm sad you are leaving! Is that weird? Hopefully all goes well with the move though!


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