Sunday, November 7, 2010

Tokyo Disney

On our way back to the U.S.A we got to make a stopover in Tokyo for a couple of days.
On our first day there we headed off to Tokyo Disneyland. Grace was so excited to meet some of her favorite characters.

{At Disneyland!!}

We didn't realize just how crowded it would be. The line to buy our tickets was about an hour long!

We tried to see a couple of the shows and after waiting for a while they announced they were canceling them due to the rain. So we started walking around and ran into a parade!!

Grace really enjoyed seeing Mickey and all of his friends riding by.

We saw the princesses castle but only saw the princesses during the parades. I think maybe this has something to do with the fact that most of them are white and could not be portrayed by the Japanese. During the parades the characters in full costume (Mickey, Pooh, etc) talked in Japanese. The princesses all spoke English.

We found Grace her first souvenir from Disney - Minnie Mouse ears!
And she got to eat some Honey popcorn. I bet her friend Pooh would love it too!

We found Mickey's house which is where she had the opportunity to actually meet Mickey Mouse. However, the line was about 2 hours long. We took turns waiting so that Grace wouldn't have to wait in line for the entire 2 hours. We also found Minnie's house! So we went in there while we were waiting for Mickey.

Grace loved the mailboxes in front of Mickey and Minnie's houses.

We finally made it inside Mickey's house!!

Once we got through his house there was another smaller line to meet Mickey. They let about 5 families go into a room with Mickey at time. We ended up being the last of the 5 families which turned out to be nice because Grace got to spend more time with Mickey than the other kids.

We tried to ride a few rides but the lines were so long that we passed on most of them. Around noon we grabbed a fastpass ticket for one of the rides and our time frame to come back to ride was 9:10-9:50pm. The only ride we ended up riding only had about a 30 min. line and was a train ride which we found a little funny because the Japanese were going wild over the Indians and their teepee's!

We were able to hold Grace up so that she could watch one of the shows. To get a seat you had to be there at least 2 hours before it started.

Since Grace's favorite part of the park was meeting the characters we decided to just head to the entrance area where several of them were walking around.

She met Eeyore, the Three Little Pigs, Pluto, and POOH!

For dinner we stopped at a waffle place and had Mickey waffles!

They were very yummy!!!

Then we decided to find a seat and wait for the electrical lights parade. We took turns sitting in our spot for 2 hours but we had a great view!!

Overall we had a really good time. I am sure it would have been even more fun if we were able to ride a few more rides or meet more characters (it was hard to get a picture with the characters because the Japanese were practically climbing on them!). But Grace had a wonderful time and still talks about meeting Mickey. They had a fireworks display but we were walking to the train station and missed part of it (and Grace slept through the entire thing) but it didn't really compare to the ones we saw our last weekend in Okinawa.

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fancypants said...

Looks like you had fun! We went last year at Christmas time and plan on going again this year. I love love love all the different popcorn flavors! We tried to Mickey waffles too, very yummy! :)


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