Friday, January 7, 2011

Grace's Birthday

I was going to blog about our Christmas but then realized I hadn't blogged about Grace's birthday. Her birthday was on a Friday this year and we had asked her Daddy to come home after PT with donuts. He came home but forgot the donuts!! So, after he headed back to work Grace and I hopped in the car and went to the donut shop. I think this was the first time she has ever been in a donut shop and she enjoyed picking out her donut so much. It worked out great that her Daddy doesn't have the best memory. She got a pink donut with sprinkles. We came home and ate are breakfast and then she wanted more sprinkles. I think she put half the bottle of sprinkles on her donut! We decided that we would spend the day at her Grandma's house so she could have fun there and play with Abby. So after we got ready we took off.

That evening we had cake after dinner!

And then we went to a Christmas display and saw Santa again.

{She really liked Santa this year}

We had her birthday party the next morning at our house. There were about 30 people who came and our house was CROWDED! But I think everyone had a really good time. I know Grace did!

We set up a bounce house for the kids to play in. I wasn't sure how Grace would like it but she had a great time playing in it. And it was a big hit with the older kids!

{The Bounce House}

{Jumping with Daddy}

{Having fun in the bounce house}

Then it was time for the pinatas!! I had ordered a Dora pinata to go with the Dora theme but when it came in I realized it was only for about 8 kids and had little strings to pull instead of hitting it. I wanted everyone to have a turn so I got another pinata and we had two.

{Taking a swing}

We thought it would be more fun to hit the Dora pinata but that didn't really work out so well. After a few of the big kids took a swing her head was left hanging and the candy was still stuck so we had to hold what was left of Dora and have all the kids pull a string.

{Time for the Dora Pinata}

Then it was time for CAKE!! Grace loves to sing Happy Birthday. She was so excited that everyone was singing to her and she joined in and sang along.

{I think she was singing Happy Birthday!}

{Trying to blow out her candle}

I had bought 36 individual cups of ice cream but we forgot to get them from my Mom's freezer. So we didn't have any ice cream that day but we still have lots in the freezer.

Last came the presents. I think most of them followed her Dora theme. She now has almost everything from the Dora section at Wal-Mart.

{Having a blast}

{More Dora toys!!!}

{Opening presents is hard work}

{What a great day!!}


Kaup Fleet said...

Ah! Maggie loved it that you had a Dora party! Happy Birthday Grace!

Patty Patterson said...

What a great memory. But - it seems like it ws just yesterday! It still doesn't seem like Grace could possibly be two, though. And - it won't be long before she is a BIG SISTER!


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