Friday, June 3, 2011

Grace and Olivia at 3 months

Some of my favorite pictures of Grace as a baby were taken at 3 months. I really wanted to do the same pictures for Olivia. My Mom set up the same blanket and backdrop we used for Grace's picture so we could take Olivia's picture on the day she turned 3 months old.

This pink dress was Grace's first Easter dress. I found a dress made out of the same fabric just a few weeks ago in Grace's size so they wore matching dresses on Mother's Day!
And for some reason this was my favorite picture for the longest time! I just love the little black and white dress.
So now that their pictures are side by side, can you guess which one is Grace and which one is Olivia? I don't think they look that much alike at all!

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Brandy said...

They don't favor to much..but they are both adorable!


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