Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tallest Hop Scotch Mountain

Every time we drive into town we pass by (in the distance) Mt. Scott. Grace loves to point out "tallest mountain" (there is a Dora episode where they have to get to tallest mountain) and talk about climbing to the top of it. We drove to the top of it earlier this year but it was too cold and windy to climb. We decided to take her over Memorial day weekend when the weather was a lot nicer. I told her we were going to Mt. Scott and she though I said "scotch." Hop Scotch is a new game she likes to play so she started calling Mt. Scott "Tallest Hop Scotch Mountain"

She did a pretty good job climbing!

And afterwards we cooled off in the pool!


Patty Patterson said...

Tell her that Uncle Billy would be soooooo proud! He's a rock climber.

And Grandma, is proud, too, of course.

Papa Bill said...

I am really enjoying "McGriff Adventure." This helps keep me in touch while I spend so much time being with Granny Dee. Thanks! Grace and Olivia are growing like little weeds. Maybe it's all the good sand and dirt!!!


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