Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Oklahoma Science Museum

We decided to go to OKC for a nice dinner out to celebrate our anniversary earlier this month.
A trip to OKC is too long for us to leave Olivia behind so we decided to take the girls and make a fun trip out of it. We spent the morning at the science museum, ate lunch at BJ's, got frozen custard at Freddy's, shopped a little at Babies R Us before heading home. We took a little detour and drove through a town that had recently been hit with a tornado to see the damage. Both girls were so worn out that they slept the entire way back! And the fun (at least for Grace) didn't stop. We stopped by my parents' house so Dustin could help build the deck and Grace got to go swimming!

Face Painting - Grace had a pretty red heart on her face all day!


In the BIG tractor

Seg Way ride

Climbing the ladder in the firehouse

This little one loves to chew on her fists!

There were lots of airplanes!!

And a dinosaur

Somebody was a happy girl :-)

We had a great little day trip and I am sure we will be taking a few field trips back to the science museum!

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Patty Patterson said...

It looks like you had a great time! The first time we went Andrew was in a stroller, but I think he was a little bit older than Olivia. It's changed a lot since then, too.


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