Tuesday, July 17, 2012

More from the 4th of July

Before we moved we wanted to light some fireworks of our own. We knew we probably wouldn't be able to light any on the 4th since we would be living in an apartment in the city. We also thought it would help Grace be more used to fireworks and enjoy the displays on the 4th more. And it worked! We got a few pretty ones that shot into the air, a couple fountains, some sparkles, and some kiddie ones (parachute, tank, etc). 

Grace REALLY liked the parachute!

She was excited to light more that night. She even held a sparkler! These pictures came out really bad. I have no idea what setting my camera was on but obviously it didn't work.

And I found a few more pictures from the first parade we went to on the 4th. I had read about a "children's parade" in an article of 4th of July activities in the area. They really meant "children" because it was just a parade of kids! But they threw candy so the girls had a blast :)

The second parade we went to said "float parade" so I was thinking big floats. Nope! The floats were golf carts with patriotic decorations. I missed most of them because I was busy helping Grace collect all of the candy that was being thrown.

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Patty Patterson said...

Now that they've seen a couple of parades maybe they can read a book about parades and parade around your apartment. Grace likes to line things up, so maybe she can be the parade master!


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