Thursday, July 19, 2012

Valley Forge Park aka Train Park

About once a week we drive over to check out the progress on our new house. And then we always drive around the community to find parks. We already have our favorite picked out!

Valley Forge Park in on a corner in Providence Village and it is covered with shade trees. There are some picnic tables so we need to take our lunch one day. The park is small and only has the wooden train to play on but that isn't what makes it so fun for Grace.

Grace is a nature lover and there is a lot of nature at this park. She always brings home some "squirrel food" and finds bugs and leaves.

 Here is Olivia checking out the caboose!

The yellow car is a little tunnel they can crawl through.

And even with the shade it was still HOT. 

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Patty Patterson said...

I can't wait to see that train park!


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