Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Mount Scott

One weekend last month we took the girls to Mount Scott and then had dinner in Medicine Park. Grace had been wanting to go climb the mountain again. When we got to the top, Grace found a bunch of ladybugs! She loves to examine insects so she had fun catching lady bugs and then letting them go again.

 Then she was ready to climb like her Uncle Billy.

 Even Olivia wanted in on the fun of climbing. She did a really good job!

We had dinner at the Old Plantation restaurant and then had planned to get some ice cream at a little shop nearby but it was already closed for the night. We walked down the riverwalk a bit so the girls could explore a little more. I think they had a pretty good time!

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Patty Patterson said...

That's my little nature lover! We should take her camping out at Camp Doris when it starts cooling off at night. She'd love watching the little critters out of the tent door. She might not be quite ready, though... Maybe by early spring when there are baby deer.


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