Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fireworks, fireworks, and more fireworks!

That's right, we saw 3 firework diplays! We went out to the flight line on Kadena for America Fest on the 4th. We got to see lots of aircraft set up and on display. We got to go inside the cockpit of a C-130 and down in the boom deck of a KC-135 and then we walked through the AWACS which was pretty neat! After walking around on the flight line we went home to cool off and wait for the fireworks. After driving around for a while we finally scoped out where we wanted to watch them from. So we went back to reserve our spot about 45 min. before the show started. Tonight, we decided to see the firework display on Torii Beach at 10pm. We decided that there would be just enough time to watch the show on Kadena again (but from a different spot) before heading to the beach. We pulled off alongside the road off-base and waited a few minutes and then saw the fireworks. I think we had the best seat in the house! Then we got back in the car and drove over to Torii, just in time to scope out where they were shooting the fireworks off from and set up our blankets and chairs right beside the ocean. We got a little closer to the fireworks than we thought (Dustin almost caught one in his lap!) but the view was great! We both agreed that tonight was definitely better than last nights show!!

Here are a few pictures from yesterday.

tail of an F-15 - these fly over our house almost everyday

Heather in the cockpit of the C-130

Dustin in front of an F-16 - they don't have these on Kadena so it was flown in from Osan

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Bill said...

Miss Heather, Papa Bill has over 1,000 hours in the C-130. You are sitting in the co-pilot/instructor pilot seat. That is the reason I am getting 2 hearing aids in February!


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