Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Waiting Game

We went down to the Air Terminal to see what we need in order to sign up for Space-A travel. They gave us some paperwork and a sample letter of what we need to get bumped up a category. So, Dustin made a nice looking memo and it just so happened that his commander stopped by the office while we were there getting some of Dustin's books organized so that gave Heather time to run to the house and get the papers and get his signature in all the right places. We went down to the terminal today to get put in the system and right now I am on the list to fly back to the states. We found out there are some options that might be even better than the Patriot Express (commercial flight that is charted by the military twice a month from Kadena to Seattle) So I might end up flying to HAWAII and then on to Travis AFB from there. The original plan was to try to catch the Patriot on the 8th or 21st of Aug. and then fly commercially to Oklahoma and then back to Okinawa (I really don't want to get stuck in Seattle for 2 weeks!) but as it stands now, I will be packing my suitcases and trying to get on a C-5 (recommended by the Airmen at the terminal becuase of the space, size, and availability) that just gets me somewhere in the states. I think my first attempt will be Aug. 5 since I probably shouldn't skip out on my next appointment with my midwife which is on the 4th... It might be a good idea to get her to OK my plan! I might not even have to buy a plane ticket back to Okinawa which was in my original plan if the Hawaii thing works out because there are several flights each week between Hickam and Kadena. I am going to stay tuned to Channel 17 to see if maybe there is any type of sequence but right now there is a flight scheduled to leave on Tuesday that goes through Anderson AFB, Guam, Hickam AFB, HI, then somewhere in Arizona before ending up in New Jersey. Something like that would be a good option. And if I got stuck in Hawaii that wouldn't be half bad!

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