Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's the weekend... on Wednesday!

Today starts the weekend.. not too many times you can say that on a Wednesday! We have an FRG meeting (the very first one!) tonight, we probably won't stay long but it is good to make an appearance to events like this. We don't have too much planned this weekend but we are looking forward to going to America Fest on Friday. Kadena hasn't done this in 4 years and this year it will be the biggest since 9/11. They are going to have all the fighter jets and some other large aircraft set up on the flightline for display. After the sun sets they are having a firework display!! Then on Friday we will probably head over to Torii Beach for the Wine and Jazz Festival, but we will probably just go for the fireworks since wine and jazz aren't our kind of thing.

On another note, we got the bedding set in today for our guest bedroom so that should be open for business soon!

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