Monday, October 6, 2008

Japanese Headstart

Yes, we are going to Headstart! After trying to get into the program (mandatory training for Dustin) for 7 months we finally made it. Today was Day #1 and to be honest, we were not looking forward to it. It wasn't too bad, although sitting in a classroom all day isn't the most fun thing in the world. We learned a little bit of history about Japan and Okinawa, a little about the culture, and how to say a few things in Japanese. It could be worse... we could have a monotone instructor to bore us all day! Tomorrow is Day #2 and we are taking a field trip to Ryukyu Mura and then to Shuri Castle. We have already seen the castle so I might pass on that and come home early. We have been wanting to go to Ryukyu Mura for quite a while now so we are pretty excited about that. It is nice that Dustin is home from work at 4:30pm and that I can spend the entire day with him.... but that just probably means he will be extra busy next week (and maybe even some evenings this week and this weekend) Well, I am going to pack up the camera and get things ready for tomorrow.

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