Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A little change

So we are not staying in the Hilton Hawaiian Village, and neither are the 3 NCO's who are TDY here with Dustin. After 2 nights (well, 1 for me!) we decided to change hotels and there are several reasons. The main reason being we were told before booking our room that we would be able to get free wireless in the lobby. They forgot to mention that we would have to PAY $15 each day to get that free. We weren't happy with our room either... they "upgraded" us to a room with 2 double beds because they were out of kings, the room smelled like urine and there was blood on the vanity. And who puts a refridgerator in the bathroom??? There is something we don't like about the idea of being able to sit on the toilet and reach in the fridge and make a sandwich! So now we are right across the street, have a nice view of the ocean, diamond head, and the city (and the Hawaiian Village!). We have a king bed, free internet in the room, refridgerator, microwave, free breakfast, and friendly hotel staff. Yesterday was a bit stressfull seeing how we had no idea where we would be staying last night. Leaving the hotel also meant I had no place to stay while Dustin was at work so I grabbed the computer and some books and hopped in the car too. We found a really nice lady in an office near his classroom and she let me use the phone and computer all day and even took me to see the PX. It was pretty nice being able to find a hotel, call and cancel a few reservations (the Hilton booked us in their other hotel when we complained and then the other reservation wasn't ours) and look up info on several of the places we want to visit while we are here. After we checked-in to the new hotel we went to a mall. Grace got a Christmas dress!! This is the second dress Dustin has picked out for her since we have been here. We also got Christmas presents for my parents (yes, you ARE getting something other than a grandbaby!! And it came from Hawaii! But I bet I could find it in Lawton... does that really make you wonder???) So yesterday turned out to be a really fun day. Today I am planning on going to another mall (about 1/2 mile from the hotel!) and then maybe plan something for tonight... we might just go back to the mall we were at last night because we only saw 1 floor of 1 building and I just found out there is a Baby Gap and Children's Place there!!

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Sarah said...

wow! I can't believe things didn't work out for you there!!!! We never tried the writeless interness stuff cause we weren't tryin to be on the computer. As for the other stuff I am just appalled!! Our experience was so not like that... hopefully they just screwed up and the hotel isnt going down the drain cause i really wanna go back there- at any rate you're in hawaii annnnd well thats still better than anywhere else:)
have fun!


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