Monday, October 13, 2008

The Long Weekend

Well, the weekend is coming to an end and it is going to be a little odd getting back into the normal routine. Last week we had the Headstart class so Dustin only went into work for about 15 min. one afternoon to sign some papers.

We finished Headstart on Friday, the let us go early since it was a long weekend. We immediately started looking for airfare to Hawaii as soon as we walked out the door. After looking around at several travel agents we decided to go back to one of them and get the ticket!

On Saturday we went to the 100 Yen store and got some stuff for Grace's room and envelopes for Christmas cards. We found our favorite Japanese candy and they had new flavors!! Coke and we think the other one is Aquarius (a grapefruit flavored sports drink) Then we stopped by McDonald's for lunch... who would have ever thought we would crave McDonalds??? We spent the rest of the day around the house (well, Dustin went into work for about an hour to work on some stuff). While he was gone, Heather got a lot done on Grace's stocking... all that is left now is some sequins!

Sunday was church and then our monthly BIG commissary trip for the month (ALWAYS the weekend before payday!). We spent about 2 hours there but we stocked up on some things (toothpaste, razors, etc) and saved $55.85 with coupons! We had a cheering section at the register... the cashier (or as the Japanese say "Casher") took our receipt to see how much we had actually saved and then announced it to all of the baggers that were around.

And on Monday we went to some home furnishing stores.... one was similar to IKEA and the other more like Target's home department. We came home empty handed but plan on going back to get baskets for Grace's room. After dinner we decided to carve our pumkin. Since we won't be here on Halloween we carved it and put it on the front porch with a big candle inside. We didn't think ahead of time to get a candle for it so we are using one that Heather got from Grandma Phyllis for Christmas last year! It doesn't seem like it's been a year since we were carving a pumkin in El Paso last year....

Here are some pictures from the pumkin carving:

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