Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bring Your Baby to Work Day??

Well, it wasn't officially Bring Your Baby to Work Day but Grace got to experience a morning in her Daddy's office! Today was quite the day. It started yesterday when I got a horrible toothache. I called the dentist and they made me an appointment for 7:00 this morning. So Dustin has to miss PT and I am hoping to be back in time to pick up the mamasan at 9:15 and let Dustin go to work. Oh, and housing maintenance was coming by at 8:00 to fix a clogged drain in my bathroom floor (we were hoping they would finish by 9:00 because that is about the time I leave to get the mamasan)I go to the dentist and I am home by 8:45! SCORE! Wait... I have to be back at 9:30? Yep, evidently I need a root canal and they can start that at 9:30. And Dustin has to go to work. All of our friends who we could leave Grace with are either in the states or at work. So she went to work with her Daddy in her PJ's!! Oh, and did I mention they could only START the root canal? Yeah, that's right. They won't be able to finish it until we get back from leave in about a month. Until then I have a sponge inside my tooth and a filling holding it in. On top of that, the dentist kept telling me how I am going to NEED codeine. He was pretty worried about my pain killers. I pretty much refuse anything stronger than a 400 mg ibuprofen so my records say I am allergic to TYLENOL. So after her prescribed the T3 I had to play 100 Questions at the pharmacy. But hey, he wanted to give it to me but that doesn't mean I am going to take it. If I were to take it I couldn't nurse Grace for several hours so I plan to let it just sit there. In the end I was able to pick Grace up at 11:30 and we spent the entire day at home napping and playing!

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Kristen said...

I doubt that you will need the codeine honestly. There is research that indicates that redheads have a higher pain tolerance. I had a root canal several years ago, and the only thing that I took was iburofen (they gave me percocet). If you need the T3 take it, but I think you'll be fine. The only thing that may cause you pain is the changes in pressure while flying. Good luck! I hope you don't need the codeine!


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