Friday, February 13, 2009

It's a long weekend!!

What better way is there to start a 4-day weekend than with a clean house? I think we are really spoiling ourselves and enjoying having our mamasan here every Thursday now! We actually have 2 Japanese ladies who I pick up every Thursday and they clean our house from top to bottom. All 3 bathrooms, dishes, laundry, floors, windows (including the OUTSIDE of the windows in our upstairs bedrooms!) - you name it, they clean it! So the rest of the week we just keep things picked up, do a little laundry and dishes and then let them do the deep cleaning. And we can also focus on organizing (or cleaning out Grace's closet!) but most importantly, we get to spend more time with our little angel!! That right there makes it totally worth the 7000 Yen we pay them.

So this weekend is Valentine's Day. Last night we went to see Bride Wars. There really isn't much of a selection here, especially if you are totally opposed to 9 o'clock movies and want to go on a certain day (our babysitter couldn't come on Saturday because she was babysitting for another family and Sunday is church and Monday is the day before a work/school day so that left Friday) We had a girl from church come over and watch Grace. We came home and the house was still standing and Grace was happy so all is good!! We will definitely have her watch Grace again. I think the rest of the weekend we will be sticking around the house. We have a couple movies to watch and nothing really to do. We might take Grace on a couple walks. I have all of her sun hats out and ready... last walk we took she kept trying to get her paci if it fell out and would end up with her hat covering her face. It was pretty cute so I will have to take a camera and see if I can get a picture if it happens again! And tomorrow is church. Grace loves the swing in the nursery at church so that is always a treat for her.

Now for a couple new pictures
Grace with her Daddy and the big cookie she got him for V-day

We took a few pictures of Grace the other day for her 2 month photos. She was more interested at trying to move than she was taking pictures. But I thought these were pretty cute. Grace makes faces like these a lot. In the first one she is trying so hard to talk and was pretty excited about something she was saying. The second one is a look she gives us when she is trying to figure out what is going on.

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Robyn Mroszczyk, AFC said...

I'm glad that you had a good V-Day celebration!

Oh man...I want someone to come and clean the house!!

Thank you for the response yesterday! I'm going to keep looking and we are going to go out to Lawton Feb. 24th to look for a couple of days.


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