Monday, February 16, 2009

Rainy Days

So what do we do when it rains? Go for a walk or play some flag football! Well, actually we didn't plan to walk in the rain or play/watch flag football in the rain, it just happened that way.

On Saturday morning it rained quite a bit then cleared up that afternoon so we decided to take Grace on a walk. She loves to be outside! We put on sunscreen and her little sun hat and left. About half-way through our walk it started to rain. We had a nice and wet walk and Grace enjoyed watching the rain fall and hitting her face!

Sunday consisted of going to church, coming home for lunch, going to Dustin's office to get some work done (it took all three of us!) and then going back to church for evening service.

On Monday, several guys from church got together to play flag football. And again it rained! One of the ladies had a nice quilt and an umbrella so Grace was very bundled up (it was a little chilly) and we all stayed dry while sitting on the side-lines!

Before our walk

While it was raining

Ready for church on Sunday morning

A video of Grace before we left for Sunday night service


Anonymous said...

Grace is just so beautiful! I can't tell you how much I miss her. I can't wait until you get here to visit. I'm actually counting down the days.... only 14 left to go.


jlc said...

I loveeeee her dress!!! Awww. Keep the pics comin!


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