Monday, February 2, 2009

A New Holiday

Today was a new holiday for us - Superbowl Monday. That's right, the Superbowl was on Monday this year! And why was it a holiday? Dustin got the entire day off from work. The Air Force and Navy were only getting 1/2 the day off (or at least that is what we have heard) But the Army gave the entire day off! This morning we got up and made cinnamon rolls and then went to the commander's house to watch the last half of the game (we watched the first half at home) I was so disappointed in the commercials this year... we didn't have ANY! Well, just the stupid AFN ones. I wanted to see the commercials that companies pay millions to put on the air. I hope I can watch them online (I get a message saying that certain things cannot be viewed from my location a lot)

Tonight we are headed to a Farewell Dinner at Kitakaisen.... hmm, I wonder what we will order?

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Anonymous said...

How were the cinnamon rolls?


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