Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Biz Bucket

The Biz Bucket is a very wonderful thing. It takes any stain (baby poop included!!) out of even the prettiest little outfit. Just a little Biz and a little water and a little soaking and it looks brand new. The only bad part is that they don't sell Biz on Okinawa. (hint, hint...)
Here is another video... at the park!

P.S. MOM - I don't need the enitre BOX of biz... a few ziploc baggies of it will do. And I know there is some leftover in your laundry room. I just hope the postal customs people don't decide this is the box to search! And I was thinking of something else but can't remember right now so if I ever think of it again I will email you.


Anonymous said...

Does that mean you are coming back state-side to get some Biz and visit?


Grace's Grandma said...

It looks like you're having fun at the park! And Grace looks so cute in her little hat. I put the Biz on my shopping list so I'll pick up a box the next time I go to WalMart. That is - unless they are sold out. When I was looking before I think it took a couple of trips before I found it in stock.



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