Monday, April 6, 2009

New Car!!

We sold my Dingo and got a mini-van! Thats right, we now own a Mitsubishi Chariot (sounds a lot better than a Dingo!) It seats 6, all of the back seat can fold down flat (make a nice changing table), flip up for extra room, or come all the way out for maximum space (good if we need to haul something!) It is also equipped with a navigation system, however that is in Japanese so we aren't quite sure what it is saying to us. Maybe we can find someone who can show us how to work it better? It makes for a good map though! We will be glad to not have to move the stroller to the front seat anymore for our grocery trips. We love it! Now to just figure out how to get the carseat installed properly. Why do they make carseats so difficult to install???

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