Friday, April 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Dustin!!!

Today is Dustin's birthday!! He said he got everything he wanted when he went to get Grace out of her crib and she looked up and smiled :-) We took Grace for a long walk (a little too long!) And now it is time to go to the commissary and start packing for our trip to Okuma next week. This evening we have plans for bowling and dinner!
Here is a picture from January - Dustin feeding Grace a bottle for the first time!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!


Mallory said...

Holy cow, today is Dustin's birthday too?

It is Mac's and Robyn's husband's too.

Terre and Chelsea said...

Happy Day to Dustin! Last year, you had baby Grace in your belly AND we were unpacking your house ... FUN TIMES! :)

Grace's Grandma said...

Happy Birthday, Dustin! I know it's a day late THERE - but it's still your birthday HERE!


jlc said...

Happy belated!!

(army)Wife said...

Happy Birthday Dustin! What a great precious!


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