Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun

Long weekend and nice weather... the perfect time to go to the pool! We took Grace to the pool twice this weekend. On Saturday we went to Plaza Housing pool and spent our time in the baby pool that was only 18 inches deep. And today we went to the pool on Foster which is a bigger pool. Grace got to ride around in her new float, which she almost fell asleep in! She had a good time, got very wet, and made lots of splashes!! Grace can float on her back (of course I never let go of her!) and kick her legs. She is definitely not afraid of the water and doesn't mind getting dunked under.

She looks pretty adorable in her hat and sunglasses.


Terre and Chelsea said...

Those sunglasses are precious! I bet they feel much better on her than the Oki sun! :)

Grace's Grandma said...

Awwww.... she's sooooo cute! And I'm glad she enjoys the water.



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