Monday, May 11, 2009

The Past Week

On Tuesday, Grace and I went to the Dragon Boat Races with our friends Kelly and Maggie. This was a big Japanese festival and was a first for us. It was Golden Week for the Japanese. There were several American teams in the races (Army Women, Army Men). I was shocked to see the open-air porta potty's for men! CRAZY!! I got too busy making sure I had the stroller loaded with all of the essentials - diapers, wipes, changing pad, extra outfit, paci's, toys, sunscreen - that I forgot to take the camera out of the car. The rest of the week was just the normal stuff. And then on Saturday was the Mother/Daughter tea. I, again, forgot the camera! Thankfully, Kelly was kind enough to take a couple pictures and share them with us so I have something to show from our week. This week hasn't been the best so far. I am trying to get over a cold and now Grace is running a little fever. Hopefully she will be feeling much better tomorrow!
Mother/Daughter Tea

At the Dragon Boat Races

I think this is the Army women's team closet to us, then the single Marines in the middle, then the Navy women's team at the very far end.

I think these are Japanese teams

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