Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Toys!

I got my Tupperware stuff in the mail this last week so we have been organizing our pantry. It looks really good!! We lined all the shelves and found containers for almost everything so no more loose packets of gravy mix or lemonade laying around. Grace was also very excited about the Tupperware package. There was a special toy in it for her. She just had to have this classic shape sorter!

And we bought her a new pool. The pool she has been using got a hole in the bottom. I guess we need a tarp to put under the pool to keep that from happening to the new pool. I think she likes this one better though and who would have guessed this pool was the cheapest at the BX? We put it in our living room and let her play in it!


Terre and Chelsea said...

How cute! She's so precious sitting up!

Grace's Grandma said...

You could get a bunch of balls and put them in the pull and then she could play in the balls when it's too cold to swim. It might be an idea for next winter.

Anyway - thanks for posting pictures. It's really nice to see what's going on with Grace.



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