Sunday, May 17, 2009

Random Pictures

I haven't posted anything new all week. Honestly, not a lot has been going on. Dustin has been working reverse cycle. That means he leaves for PT around 4:30pm and then comes home for dinner and goes to work about the time I put Grace to bed and then sometime before we wake up he sneaks into bed. That plus all the meetings he has during the week. I think I actually prefer this schedule because we have been able to go on several drives during the week. When he comes home around 6pm on the normal day it is too late to go anywhere and still eat dinner and get Grace to bed at a decent time. We went to the beach on Friday and we let her play in her little pool on Saturday. She loves being outside when the weather is nice and when she is in the shade. I ordered her some cute little sunglasses online and can't wait to let her try them on! We drove out to the lighthouse one day and then we drove to see the dam another day. Both were pretty interesting but we forgot the camera both times. We hadn't planned on going when we did but it just so happened Grace was sleeping in her car seat and we didn't want to disturb her by getting her out of the car so we just drove! She needs all the rest she can get so she can start to feel better. She has been sick all week. Fever on Monday and Tuesday then we thought she was better only to have her very fussy at bedtime on Thursday and Friday so we went to the ER because we suspected an ear infection and sure enough, we were right. Now she has her medicine and should be feeling much better soon!

Here are some pictures from the week!

Enjoying our new patio furniture

Grace likes to read her books all by herself now :-)

Looking at the flag hanging on our house

This is a random "road" we ended up on while driving to the beach. Notice how my car is wider than the road! And this is on the little Army post here.

Ready to go to the beach!

Relaxing after dinner


corkyshell said...

Great pictures! I am glad she is starting to feel better.

jlc said...

That second pic put a hugeeee grin on my face!!

She is precious!!


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