Thursday, June 24, 2010

Little Baker

We need to pull the camera out and capture some of the fun that Grace has every day. We haven't really done much other than the day to day things like checking the mail for packages, getting groceries, and going to the gym.

We did get new neighbors recently and we invited them over for dinner last Saturday. Dustin grilled shish kabobs which were delicious. They brought over a very yummy dip (I should get the recipe because it was seriously THAT good!) and a dessert!

We have also made a few yummy desserts and Grace is becoming such a good helper. We made a chocolate chip coffee cake to take to James and Kelly's last Friday. And then this week we made Ohio River bottom sludge cake. They were both very delicious. They even passed the Grace test! Grace got to help with each step. She poured the flour and helped measure the salt and baking soda. She got to stir everything together. But her favorite part was taste testing the batter throughout the process and licking the bowl (and spoon!). I have to watch her carefully or she would eat everything right out of the pan!


Patty Patterson said...

Maybe yu should put together a "Cooking With Grace" cookbook. Complete with pictures. That would make a really nice gift for everyone for Christmas!

Beth said...

^^What a cute idea!!


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