Sunday, June 13, 2010


On Thursday we headed up to Oura Wan to spend a night in the cabins they have to celebrate our anniversary. The cabins turned out to be pretty nice and they had a little kitchenette and gas grill so we grilled some steak and had baked potatoes and corn on the cob. I had taken some dinner rolls but there was no oven in our cabin (they are only in the VIP cabins which were all booked up... we were surprised we were even able to get one night when we booked just 2 weeks out). We made it up there and Dustin and Grace went to play in the ocean while I unpacked our food and made a trip to the PX. Almost as soon as they got back from the beach it started to rain. After dinner the rain let up enough that we were able to take Grace to the playground. She had such a good time!!

At Bible study this last week some of the ladies were talking about the parks they like to visit. So I decided to go online to see if I could find better directions. While looking for the park the ladies were talking about I found 15 parks that I want to take Grace to sometime this summer. We decided to check a couple of them out today (they are only about 3 blocks from each other and there is another one just a few more blocks away but it was lunch time so that one will have to wait for another day).

This first park is called the Treehouse park.

The slide was Grace's favorite part! I think we need to start carrying a piece of cardboard in the car because most of the slides in Japan are not too fun for your behind. This one was made out of concrete!

Then we went to another park. I forgot the name of this one but they had swings and a little river to play in.

I think we are going to scope out a few more parks this next week!

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Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to the Bestest. All our Love.

Papa Roy


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