Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a pretty nice long weekend. Besides the fact that Grace wasn't feeling too well and it rained all weekend, it was pretty enjoyable! We didn't do much at all on Friday or Saturday. We did go to the library to get a few new books. The rain was probably 6 inches deep outside the car so we did our best to stay dry.

On Monday we met Maggie (and her family) at MonaKids Jungle. It is a huge indoor playground! It got pretty busy that day. I guess all the Americans had the same idea. Grace and Maggie both had a lot of fun! We had to follow Grace all around to keep her from getting ran over by the big kids.

There are so many tunnels that I would lose Dustin and Grace and have to look around for a few minutes before I spotted them!

I think the ball pit was probably Grace's favorite place!

She had it all to herself for the first 20 minutes we were there and that was probably the most fun she had all day!

We invited James, Kelly, Maggie, Lanie, and Kelly's mom Wendy over on Sunday night and Dustin grilled shish kabobs. After the girls all went to bed we played Ticket to Ride which is a really fun board game.

We bought Grace a bunk bed over the weekend since we found a really good deal on it. She won't use it until we move back to the states but we put the mattress down to make a bed for Maggie. Grace picked out a Dora sheet set at the BX and both the girls were so excited about it.

Best Friends!

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