Friday, June 25, 2010

Pool Day!

Today, Grace and I took off to the pool. We got there and it was closed for the Jazz & Salsa Festival that is going on tonight and tomorrow night (complete with fireworks!!). So we were a bit disappointed but there are other pools so we went to find another of our favorites. We got there and the pool was empty. So we started to head home but we passed by a brand new building that was behind the empty pool that said Aquatics Center. We checked it out and found a brand new pool! Grace had a great time. She jumped in the water, played basketball, kicked her feet, and floated in her pool float. Then we took off for the kiddie pool. It is shallow enough that she can walk around in it and climb up the side and go down the stairs all by herself. The lifeguards were great and didn't even make us get out when it should have been break time! We will definitely be going back many, many more times this summer!! And maybe we can take her Daddy along so we can get a few pictures of her.


Patty Patterson said...

Sounds fun! I want a pool. I'm thinking that might be something I buy next summer or the following summer, instead of airfare.

Yummy Mummy said...

That sounds like so much fun! I had Lil Mootz in a pool when he was much younger, but this year he is so excited to kick and "swim." We even had him in a little baby floatie device and he was just kicking around when all of a sudden he just jumped out and sank like a stone. Hahaha! Stonewall freaked, but when he pulled Lil Mootz up, Lil Mootz was laughing!


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