Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christmas in July

It sure did feel like Christmas to Grace last night! She received a package in the mail from her great-grandma and I couldn't get it opened fast enough. When her Daddy carried the box through the door she started screaming "PRESENT, PRESENT!"

As soon as we got it opened we started to dig in and we found all sorts of goodies! There was an adorable dress for Grace (which she wore today!) but she was screaming "DORA, DORA" Then I saw the dress that had Dora on it! After checking out the Dora dress we pulled out a Tinkerbell dress but she wanted to see what else was in the box. We pulled out a pink tutu and put it on followed by her princess crown. Then she saw a puzzle at the very bottom which she wanted opened right away. The excitement still hasn't worn off today. I had to almost pry the tutu... and the bathing suits and hats... off of her this morning when it was time to leave the house...

{Waiting patiently on Mommy to open the puzzle - "Oh-pee, oh-pee"}

{Showing off her crown}

{Finally time to play with the puzzle}

{She found a wand!}


Patty Patterson said...

Awwww..... she looks so cute! Presents are so much fun!

Beth said...

She's so cute!!

ens said...

aww so cute! I love presents too :)


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