Friday, July 30, 2010

Getting SO Big!

Grace is really growing up! She can recognize all of the letters of the alphabet and knows their name/sound. She is a GREAT helper, especially when it comes to throwing something away or putting something in the dirty clothes. She also LOVES to help load/unload the dishwasher but that is a task that I would rather do when she is busy with something else. I am not so sure if the dishwasher can hold all of her weight when she climbs in :-) She helps sort the laundry on Sunday mornings and she can put some things away on her own. I have just decided I better get used to the dish towels being crammed in the drawer since she will often unfold them before she puts them in.

Dustin took a few really cute pictures of her last night so I thought I would share them!

She has been practicing being a good big sister by taking care of her babies.

Do you like her little pig tails??

A couple of weeks ago she was wanting to play in her crib and when I walked into her bedroom she was climbing on the outside of the rails. I put her in and sat with her for a few minutes but I needed to check on the dinner I was cooking so I told her I would be right back. Not a minute later she was fussing and wanted to get out and come find me. I walked back in her room and her leg was over the crib and she was trying to climb out! We decided that since she is pretty fearless and is also a little monkey it would probably be wise to take the rail off before she fell out trying to climb out. After about a week of her rolling out of bed onto the pillows on blankets we had in the floor we finally put up the bunk beds we were planning on saving until she moves into her new room in our new house.

She loves her new bed!! She got so excited after I had the bottom bunk set up with her Dora sheet on. She likes to play in her bed and run from one end to the other.

She has a Dora pillow that she now has to sleep with. When we go to check on her she is normally laying with almost her entire body on the pillow!


Patty Patterson said...

She is looking more like a little girl than a baby now. It's kind of sad, in a way, but then - it's exciting, too. There are so many things that she can DO now that she's walking and talking. And - she'll be precious at every stage of life, just like she is now!

Brandy said...

She is adorable! She has gotten REALLY big since ya'll were here. The pig tails are cute =)

Anonymous said...

Big Girl, but always our Baby!
So cute and I love that smile and those beautiful, darling, pigtails!

See you all soon!
Love you


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