Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Typhoon Day!

On Sunday we got a call saying "prepare for the typhoon." They tasked Dustin with being the Typhoon Rep so he was in meetings and getting briefed about the latest weather situation. The typhoon struck on Tuesday which was the day my Mom was supposed to fly out. The airport closed. So my Mom got to stay an extra day and enjoy a rain day with us! Dustin got the entire day off too!

So what do you do while waiting for a typhoon?
  • Go swimming!
  • Put on a rain poncho, rain boots, and grab the Dora umbrella for some puddle splashing in the road!
  • Pre-PCS cleaning/organizing
  • Watch to see if the neighbors are ever going to bring their clothes in off the clothesline
  • Stand outside and watch the trees dance and hear the wind sing
  • And finally, wonder when the typhoon passed us
We didn't even get much wind where we are. There was a bag of trash sitting out by the road the entire day and it never even moved. But I heard it hit a lot harder up north. Having a day at home was pretty fun. However, fighting the crowd in the airport the next day was NOT fun. The airport here was more crowded than I have ever seen ANY airport. And from what my Mom said Tokyo was WAY worse. That is what happens when over 100 flights are canceled and over 6,000 people stranded.

I don't have any pictures because my Mom is our photographer and I forgot to transfer her pictures to my computer before she left so I will just have to wait until we move to get those.

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Patty Patterson said...

Tokyo was the worst crowd I had ever seen. Imagine a crowd so thick that people are forced to move with it and can't even squeeze out to go to the bathroom. (two people that I know of literally wet on themselves) I got pictures of Naha, but couldn't even get into my purse to get the camera at Tokyo once I got squeezed into the line. I think I may have one coming in the door, though. I'll let you know.


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