Monday, May 16, 2011

A Pigment of Your Imagination

Grace and I had a big girl afternoon a couple of weeks ago. We left Olivia with her Grandma and went to paint pottery at A Pigment of Your Imagination. This was our first visit and we had so much fun we wanted to go back!

First we walked around and picked out the piece that Grace wanted to paint. She picked this penguin. She really loves penguins!

She chose the black speckled paint for her penguin.

When she was just about done painting this she saw a frog on the shelf that she wanted. It was a really cute little box with a princess frog sitting on top. We decided to paint it too! She wasn't too happy about leaving her penguin and frog at the store to be finished but I told her we would go back soon to pick them up once they were dry. She was so excited to pick them up the next week that she wouldn't let them out of her sight!

While we were there I got an idea for a Mothers Day gift for my Mom. They had so many cute things with hand prints and foot prints and Mom had been wanting some type of jar to keep bottle and sippy cup pieces in that we decided to do this:

Brandy and I did quite a bit of planning and met at the shop one morning. I don't think Mom had any idea!

At first we weren't sure what we wanted to paint but finally decided on the cookie jar.
We got started by picking colors and putting Olivia's and Brilyn's foot prints on it.
That afternoon I took Grace by to add her foot prints

She decided she wanted to paint her hand print too and there was an empty space just the right size for her hand.

Andrew went by and added the flowers and other artwork on the jar after he got off work.
Now Mom has a pretty place to keep all of the pieces for the bottles and cups she keeps on hand for the girls. And she can always look back at how little their feet were :-)

The shop said they wanted to keep my number since Grace is so good at doing foot prints and hand prints. When we went back to pick up the jar they had been looking for feet/hands just her size for a project. They made a cute little Frog Prints-ess plate by using her foot prints (frog prints) and her palm and thumbs. They put her name on the back and when they are done using it in their store it is ours to keep! And Grace had so much fun getting the extra chance to paint (and it didn't cost me any money!!)


Patty Patterson said...

I love the jar! I's perfect for keeping the bottle and sippy cup lids in and every time I get a lid, I turn it slightly so I can see it from a different angle. And no.... I didn't have a clue what you were up to.

Kaup Fleet said...

How cute!


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