Thursday, January 19, 2012

Beauty and the Beast 3D

On Tuesday, I took Grace to the movies. She was SO excited! We left Olivia with my Mom and headed to the theater. Grace was ready to leave! She told me we had to make sure we got there before the movie started. I am glad she realizes the importance of being on time!

We chose to watch Beauty and the Beast in 3D. This was our first movie to see in 3D!

We got our tickets and then had to take a quick picture before heading to the concession stand.

Grace got to choose our seats. She had the entire auditorium to choose from since we were the only ones at the movie :)

I pulled a pair of glasses out of my purse for her to wear during the movie. 
We had to get a picture of her with her glasses on and popcorn and soda!

She was smiling for a picture but her eyes were watching the big screen. 

I pulled out the other pair of glasses for myself and realized that we had gotten a child sized pair. I had given Grace mine. Oops!

Before the movie began, they played a short sequel to Tangled - "Tangled Ever After." It was really cute and we were both laughing.

But we were ready for our movie to begin. Grace sat and watched the entire movie. Not once did she want to leave or go play. She is really growing up!

I really enjoyed having an afternoon of fun with Grace. It isn't often that we do things like this.


Anonymous said...

Aw, sounds like you guys had a good time! I can't wait until I can do that with brilyn!

Kaup Fleet said...

How fun! Going to the movies is one of our favorite things to do with the girls...but it gets expensive!

Julie Danielle said...

Oh I bet she loved it! I haven't taken my older two to the movies in forever. Hoping to do it soon as they love it.


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