Friday, January 6, 2012

New Years Weekend

We ended the year by traveling again. A friend of ours was getting married near Houston on the 30th and Dustin was asked to be a Saber Bearer. The groom went to school with Dustin (they lived across the hall from each other for 3 years) and the couple made the drive down for our wedding so we were excited to (finally) attend theirs. We had planned to take the girls but after finding out that it would be a semi-long ceremony followed by a sit down dinner, we asked my Mom to go with us and keep the girls during the wedding and reception. When I left the hotel the girls were in the outdoor pool having the time of their life. They got to have a picnic and roast marshmallows in the fire pit.

The next day (New Years Eve), we got up and checked out of the hotel and hit the road. We made the 3 1/2 hour drive to San Antonio to spend the afternoon at Sea World.

 We made it to the park shortly after they opened for the day and stayed until closing. 
They still had all their Christmas decorations up!!!

 After we got our tickets and went through security we headed to the dolphin cove. Grace decided to wanted to feed the dolphins so we bought a few little fish.
 My Mom took pictures from the other side so watch for them on her blog.

After feeding dolphins, we were just in time to watch them feed some of the fish.

We decided it was time to check out a show. We just happened to run into a show with beluga whales, dolphins, and acrobats. It was perfect for Grace! Even Olivia loved the show and was clapping :)
After the show it was time for more fun. We were near the kids area so we let Grace ride a couple of rides. First she rode the Dolphin Dive.

 It went up, then dropped, went back up, and dropped again. She really enjoyed it. Next was the Shamu Express. It was a little roller coaster! I went to feed Olivia while she was waiting in line and got back just as she was getting off. She said it was a lot of fun!! 

After that it was about time for another show... this time it was Sesame Street!
Grace went right up to the front and got to touch several of the characters. She kept waving at them and reaching for them. She tried so hard to get their attention! Telly petted her head, which she talked about a lot the next day.
 After the show we walked around a little more. We ate dinner, checked out the penguin exhibit, went to a couple gift shops, and walked through the Christmas Market. Then it was time for the last show of the day. The Shamu Christmas.. Miracles. One of the staff told us to save that for last because it was better after dark. I think this was one of Grace's favorite parts of the day.

We ended the night with a great firework show over the lake.
It was a nice end to 2011.

We spent the first day of 2012 downtown San Antonio. We visited the Alamo and the River Walk. We decided to ride the boat down the river. Afterwards, we had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. We spent the entire afternoon/evening on the road and made it home that night.

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