Monday, January 30, 2012


I have a couple of blog posts that I have planned but we have had sick girls this last week so I haven't been on blogger much. I am behind (AGAIN!) on Olivia's 11 month pictures and I have a cute video of her I want to share. Hopefully SOON!

Last Monday I picked Grace up from her Grandma's. She some how managed to go home with her after Brilyn's birthday party and ended up staying the night. I thought her voice sounded a little funny but just figured it was from all the rough play and screaming she had been doing during Uncle Deuce's lunch break that day. Well, the next day she was running a fever. And then the nasty cough set in.

And then on Saturday, the fever hit Olivia. And now they both have a nasty cough (which has kept them both up at night a few times). I think they are both on the road to recovery though!

P.S. Crazy Life, Army Wife is giving away a $25 Amazon gift card. I am really hoping I win because I shop at Amazon a LOT! I have our diapers and wipes on Subscribe and Save so I get automatic deliveries :) You can find the giveaway HERE

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Julie Danielle said...

I order so much on their too! Thanks for entering! I hope your girls feel better soon :)


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