Monday, March 19, 2012


Last week was full of warm, sunny days! We were outside a LOT. We weeded the flower bed and added some mulch. We picked "purple flowers" from the yard. We collected dandelions. We took walks around our neighborhood almost every day. And we went to the park! This is one of the many parks on post. We took our lunch and had a picnic before we played. Afterwards, we stopped by the "ice cream stand."

I don't know why, but Olivia likes to try and climb up slides. She would rather try to climb it than slide down it. Silly girl! 

And today we are getting lots and lots of rain. I think we will enjoy some time inside today.


Patty Patterson said...

I don't think this week is going to provide many sunny days, though. But maybe, all of this rain will make the flowers grow!

T, C, and E said...

Love the week three layout! We are definitely going to have to designate a day or two in May for you to help me catch up!!! :)

T, C, and E said...

I miss you, by the way. Germany has had gorgeous, sunny weather, and my shoulder is finally healing! ;)


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