Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Project Life Week 12

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Project Life Week 12 - March 18 - 24

Sunday - We caught Olivia playing with her sisters kitchen. So much fun! My batteries in my camera were dead so this is just a crummy phone picture :(

 Monday - We got a LOT of rain. After dinner Grace got to play in the puddles! She loved putting on her rain gear.

 Tuesday - Grace loves technology. She was playing a game on my phone.

No picture for Wednesday. We stayed home all day and I didn't get my camera out.

 Thursday - I was preparing for dinner and Olivia kept herself busy with these paper cups.

 Friday - Olivia got her first lawn mower ride!

Saturday - Grace is teaching Olivia about books! I am going to have two girls that love to read :)

And here are my week 4 layouts:


Patty Patterson said...

Cute! And I bet Olivia enjoyed that lawn mower ride. She may be little, but I think she's going to be the brave, adventurous one. She seems to like things that are on the daring side.

Anonymous said...

Oh! I had to laugh at the paper cups! Isn't it funny how they can have a TON of well-planned, thoughtfully purchased educational toys and they'll immediately choose to play with something like paper cups? Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Love how colorful your pages are! Love the riding lawn mower picture.

Kelli said...

puddle play! woo hoo, that's so much fun! i love your heart plates, those are too cute!

Kaup Fleet said...

These girls are getting so big, so fast. They are adorable. We love looking at your posts!


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