Thursday, March 8, 2012


Earlier this week we took a little trip to Dallas. Dustin had a hiring convention to attend and we went along for fun!

We got to play in the pool.

 The water was COLD! We didn't get in but Grace had fun splashing. She said there were too many bugs and leaves to swim.

We went to Pump It Up which is a place with lots of BIG bounce houses. I haven't seen any this big before.

Doesn't Grace look so little at the top of this BIG slide?

This was one of her favorites.

This is the same one. There was a slide at the end that she loved!

We got to go to Build-A-Bear. I have been wanting to take Grace since she was a year old.

And we went to Going Bonkers. It had a HUGE playground.

We started off in the toddler area which was for kids 3 and under. Olivia got to enjoy playing too!

Then we followed Grace around the big kid area. I could barely keep up with her!

There were a few rides too. She liked this spinning tea cup.

And she reminded me of her Uncle Billy on the bucking buffalo!

And both girls got to ride on the race cars!

And that is not all we did! We went to the Children's Aquarium. It was the perfect size for Grace.

She learned about some sea creatures.

We saw some sharks.

 And stingrays...

Grace got to pet the stingrays.

And she even got to feed them!!

Then we looked at all the other fish and other creatures that live in water.

This alligator was one of her favorites.

And she got to see what an octopus feels like.

We had such a good time on our trip! There is so much fun stuff in Dallas :)

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Patty Patterson said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun! I wish I could have went.


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