Monday, April 9, 2012


We had such a good time celebrating Easter this year. Grace was really in to Easter this year and I think she really understands what Easter is all about. 

On Thursday we colored eggs.

 On Friday we made Easter cupcakes (didn't take a picture. Oops!)

On Saturday I took Grace to the egg hunt on post. She has never been to a big egg hunt before so this was something new for her.

She had so much fun! We didn't count her eggs but I think she found about 10. It went pretty fast since there were so many kids there. I think most kids got a basket full though. Out of the baskets I saw Grace probably had the least.

 She had fun going through her eggs on the way home!

Sunday morning Grace woke up to see what was in her Easter basket. The night before after she had gone to bed Dustin went outside. She heard the door and told me "Oh, I think the Easter bunny is at my house!"

Olivia loved her Easter basket too! And, yes, that would be her Christmas pj's she is wearing :)

They each got a dollar coin and that was Olivia's favorite thing! 

And then it was time to get dressed up in their new dresses for church!

Don't they look so beautiful?

After church we had lunch at my parents and an egg hunt. Both girls got quite a bit of money and candy in their eggs. Even though Olivia found the fewer eggs than her sister and cousin she ended up with the most money. We took Grace to Wal-Mart to buy the fairies she had been wanting for a month. She had been waiting to have enough of her own money to buy them.

We had another egg hunt that evening with more family. My Grandpa had some beanie babies and eggs and money and candy. Grace found a "golden egg" and won the BIG chocolate bunny! Grace also found 44 eggs! And Olivia won the prize for the least amount of money and got an extra $5.


Julie Danielle said...

Your girls are so sweet! Looks like you had a nice Easter :)

Kaup Fleet said...

Beautiful girls!


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