Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Project Life Week 16

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Project Life Week 16 - April 15 - 21

  Sunday - Grace got out of bed to ask if she could have some "kangaroo cheese." She saw a kangaroo eating cheese on a cartoon a while back and calls it kangaroo cheese now.

 Monday - Olivia got into the toilet paper while I was in the shower. I had to grab my camera before I cleaned up the mess.

 Tuesday - We made cakes for Dustin's birthday, which was Wednesday. He requested Funfetti cake or pineapple upside down cake. Since we were going to church that night and they have dinner every week I made both and took dessert. Grace got her own cupcake to decorate. The frosting is her favorite part so after I finished frosting the cupcakes she got the rest of the container and frosted hers about 3 times!

 Thursday - My Mom kept the girls all day. She had just got this water table and I think the girls really enjoyed it.

 Friday - While driving down the road I saw this old farm truck. It is just like a lot of the little trucks we saw all over while in Okinawa. The steering wheel was even on the right side! 

Saturday - The girls got invited to a birthday party. They got to share a monster cupcake!

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Patty Patterson said...

Cute pictures! Olivia looks like she is enjoying that toilet paper! It's so cute when babies do that!


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