Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life Week 15

I only have pictures from 4 days this week. We even went to the zoo and I forgot my camera. I remembered the extra batteries though. How do you do that? My Mom had her camera so I will get pictures from her at some point (I really need to take a hard drive over and copy the last year of pictures). Maybe I will get around to that before I get caught up on layouts and can add the zoo :)

The Mom Creative 
Week 15 - April 8 - 14
 Sunday - The girls loved going through their Easter baskets on Sunday morning. Then they were all dressed up for church 

Monday - We all had fun putting all the money from Olivia's Easter eggs into her piggy bank! Grace got to put her money in her bank while Olivia was taking her nap. They both got around $50!


Tuesday - My Mom had a cake that wasn't needed for a photo shoot. That meant it was a birthday party for Grace's little lamb!

 Wednesday - Grace got to drive the lawn mower!

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Jamie said...

It is so sweet to see sisters together!


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