Friday, June 5, 2009

Day #3 of House Hunting

Yesterday, Grace and I went and looked at 7 more houses/apartments. Remember the picture of the little blue bucket of a tub from yesterday? Well, that was the very first stop! We didn't even go in. I told the agent that someone had shown us that house already so we were off to stop #2. I loved this one! Some pros: very nice kitchen with a big pantry, nice bathrooms, a walk-in closet. And of course, some cons: 3rd floor, 30+ min commute, no dishwasher, no view. But here are some pictures I took of it.

After seeing this house we made a quick trip back home for a little snack before heading to our next 2 appointments - which were both a waste of my time. I saw three 2 bedroom units, a house with ALL Japanese appliances (this means the oven would be the little microwave they had) an apartment with a tiny kitchen and no pantry, an apartment that was barely bigger than the little place we lived in while we were in El Paso for 5 months, and a couple places that had the same ugly tile that is in our current government house. I will spare the pictures from these. I am actually just deleting them all now.

Why can't we find something like the pictures above, on the first floor, with a yard, a dishwasher and a view like this?

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jlc said...

beautiful view!!!

and i love your tub!


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