Sunday, June 7, 2009

Only in Japan

I thought I would take a break from blogging about our house hunting adventures to blog about our funny adventure yesterday.

For the past couple of months, our friends James & Kelly has been looking for a slide for their little girl. I was helping by putting my addiction to Okinawa Yard Sales to good use! We had both found a few but had always been to late. Finally, a couple weeks ago, I got one!! I was so excited that I finally was able to buy a slide that I hurried to pick it up. The nice man that was selling it took it apart and helped put it in my van. It fit PERFECTLY after I took Grace's carseat out (don't worry, she was at home with her Daddy!) layed the seats down. I was even more excited to put it together so when James & Kelly dropped Maggie off that evening they could see it. So we cleaned it all up and started to put the puzzle pieces together. It was a major pain to get back together because a couple of the pieces just did not want to fit together. Finally, we had it all set up! And Dustin said he was NOT going to take it apart again. So how were we going to deliver it James & Kelly's house? Put it on top of my van!

Here are the pictures:

The slide next to my van

Here it goes...

Up, up, up

almost there

Just a little more..

On top of the van... now to strap it down

All strapped on and ready to go
View from the side. We had to all climb through the front passenger door to get in!

Uh, oh... it flew off the back of the van when one of the bungie cords broke. Dustin had to put it back on the car and then we strapped it back down and I drove while he held onto the slide.
I was laughing the entire way!

Stayed tuned for days 4 and 5 of our house hunting adeventures! I have appointments at 10:00, 11:30, 1:00, 2:30, and 5:00 today. Let's just say that day 4 may have turned up a possibility :-)

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Sarah said...

Oh man that is funny! We hve ramstein yardsales here and it is also a huge addiction! My friends and I look at it prob 20 times a day! One of my friends furnished nearly her whole house that way- congrats on the find!


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