Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun and Busy day

Yesterday we went to Mona Kids Jungle for Maggie's 2nd birthday. It was a huge indoor jungle gym/playground. We had lots of fun! We are definitely going to have to go back when Grace is a little older and can run around. After playing for a while we sang Happy Birthday to Maggie and then we got to eat birthday cookie and ice cream. Grace even got to try a few bites of ice cream. She also got to try the Jello Jiggler's! Grace was worn out by the time we left and slept the entire way home.

The birthday girl! Maggie talked her mom, Kelly, into getting in the balls with her.

Grace in her party hat - She was looking at a balloon

Going down the roller slide!!

Grace loves anyone who will play with her. Here she is with Lisete.
At the bottom of the little slide taking everything in

Eating ICE CREAM!!!

After we got back home we had to get ready for the cookout at our house! All the officer's in Dustin's battery came over for hot dogs and hamburgers. Someone brought over some watermelon and Grace got to try that too! What a big day for Grace!!

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