Monday, August 31, 2009

A few videos...

I thought I would put a few new videos on here since we are leaving for Okuma tomorrow. I just We will only be gone 2 nights but I thought this might help keep some of you from missing Grace so much ;-)

I just checked the weather and, of course, it looks like thunderstorms the entire time we are there. Oh, well... it happens every time we go. But at least there is a chance the weather forecast could be wrong! I think there is a chance of rain everyday here.

This is the horse Grace got for Christmas. She loves to ride on it and she always opens her mouth like that to copy her Daddy!

We decided that Grace needed to learn how to bang on pots and pans so we started with 1 pot and a wooden spoon.

She was singing and dancing to her music!


Grace's Grandma said...

Grace has talent! Let me know when she cuts her first CD. I want a signed copy.


JG said...



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