Sunday, August 30, 2009

Playdough FUN!

While my Mom and I were out shopping one day she found a box of free things at one of the souvenir stores. She, of course, found something for Grace. It was a rolling pin and some cookie cutters, which I thought would go well with the play kitchen she is getting for Christmas (SHHH!!).

Well, while Maggie was over here playing she informed us that it was not for the kitchen, it was for PLAYDOUGH! Sometimes it takes a 2 year old to figure this stuff out.

So... we made playdough!!

And then after dinner we got to PLAY with it!

Evidently, I need to go back to art class because the balloon I made looked like A SQUID.

How does a 2 year old know what a squid looks like and I don't??? Maybe I should check out a book at the library on marine life!


Grace's Grandma said...

Where's the picture of your squid?

Just kidding! Good to see Grace and Maggie getting another chance to play together.


The Mrs. said...

oh playdough your a better mama then me! I hate the stuff, it gets so crumbly and makes a huge mess. I tell my kids that we cant get playdough here (yes they think its not sold in ny) I opt for the crayola modeling clay. Its more like foam and it doesnt crumble.

hats off to you : )

Anonymous said...

Wow! One Year Old, it is hard to believe! Grace is 7 mths old now? How much does she weigh? Does she have any teeth? Can she say Papa Roy?
Great Grandpa Roy
and Leeanne


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